Why Use A Fountain Pen In Today’s Modern World?

Fountain pens still have a place in the 21st century. There’s nothing like getting a hand-written letter in the mail. In fact, most of the letters with printed ink go right in the garbage. No one wants to look at an advertisement or bill. Those letters are almost always printed. So they’re easy to avoid.

There are more reasons to include this ancient, yet still relevant, devise into your life. Some of them are less obvious then others. Here are a few good ones.

Fountain Pens Are Classy

Want to look like a true professional when you’re handing a customer a pen at work? Even a dollar store can look a little classier when it hands its customers a real, fountain pin, instead of a cheap, ballpoint one to sign the receipt with. Fountain pens work a little differently. You do have to hold them at a different angle. It shouldn’t take you more then a second to teach your customers how to write with one. Plus, they’ll love going home with a new skill.

Why Use a Fountain Pen? They’re Environmentally Friendly

Sick of throwing that old, ballpoint pen in the garbage? Eventually, they all run out of ink and stop working. Unlike a fountain pen, they’re impossible to refill. You also can’t recycle them since they’re not made of pure plastic. They have too much ink in them. Basically, you’re forced to throw them in a garbage can. Then you have to live with the guilt of knowing that they’ll end up in a landfill.

Fountain pens can last hundreds of years. They can be refilled with any type of ink as soon as they run dry. Since there’s almost no mechanical component to a fountain pen, it’s very unlikely that they’ll malfunction. In fact, there are still fountain pens that are hundreds of years old that can be used.

Why Use A Fountain Pen? More Control

It may seem easier to produce legible handwriting with a pencil, rather then a pen. This is because you’re using a cheap, disposable click-pen or ball point. Fountain pens are much sturdier and easier to control. Some people even find that they’re easier to write with then a classic pencil. It’s especially convenient, since these pens require no sharpening.

A Wide Range Of Prices

Fountain pens come in a variety of qualities and styles. You can find a set of ten, cheap fountain pens on Amazon for under $10. If you’re looking to class it up, you can buy a fountain pen that’s been made of real materials $50 or more. For example, bamboo fountain pens are currently going for around $80.

Fountain Pens Are Making A Comeback

Fountain pens had a long reign. This was largely due to their reliability and efficiency. They’re easy to write with and refill. Loads of people have improved their handwriting, and classed up their office, with the inclusion of a fountain pen. It’s time for you to do the same.