Looking to pick up a new fountain pen?

The name Lamy is going to pop up as soon as the process begins because it’s among the best in the business.

This review is going to highlight the ins and outs of the Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen (Amber Gold) to see how it stands up against modern-day expectations.



Key Features

1) Piston Operated Filling System
2) Easy To Refill
3) Comes WIth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
4) Includes Lamy Blue Black Ink (Bottled Ink Only)


1) Lightweight

Being able to hold a quality fountain pen means you expect it to be heavy. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, and that’s why Lamy 2000 is unique.

It is lightweight making it easy for more extended sessions as you sit down with it in hand.

2) Rare

This is one of 5000 fountain pens of the similar type, so you are not getting a mass-market product. You are getting a pen that is downright rare and going to be worth a lot as time goes on. This alone makes it an intriguing buy for users.

3) Excellent Balance

When you start writing with it and see it at its peak, you are going to recognize the balance. IT stands out because of how unique it is. The balance will be immaculate as soon as the pen touches paper for the first time. You will love it, and it only gets better.

4) Beautiful Design

It’s important to look at the aesthetics of the pen because that is always a key component.

The box it comes in is sublime, and you are going to realize the value of the pen immediately. The attention to detail in the finishing is just a bonus and illustrates you are getting an exceptional fountain pen.


1) Takes Time To Get Used To

Those who want to start writing as soon as they receive it will have to understand this needs time to get going. It will have to take a few sessions of “breaking in” before you can harness the power of this gorgeous pen at its peak performance.

Once you can reach this level of performance, you are going to realize the quality in your hands. It is going to blow you away, and that is why most are stating this is among the best in the business right now and worth your time.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, this is an aesthetically pleasing fountain pen that is a complete joy to use. It’s one of those options that has everything one would want when it comes to their needs.

It is light on the hands, durable, and well worth one’s time as a writer.

It is going to offer the balance, and quality one dreams of when it comes to a high-quality fountain pen in this day and age. It’s a must-buy for those who are looking to find a top-tier pen that works well in all situations.