Japanese Fountain Pens

Most of us recognize the European fountain pen companies such as Montblanc and Pelican. Also in the running are many American fountain pen makers such as Parker and Waterman. As is the case with many Japanese companies, they have proven to be excellent makers of quality fountain pens. Of course, the Japanese have for centuries been experts in the art of calligraphy so it is natural for them to create top of the line Japanese fountain pens.

japanese-fountain-penFor example, the Xezo Maestro Natural Sea Shell Medium Nib Fountain Pen with Platinum Plated Parts is an exquisite gift.

  • Solid brass barrel and cap with inlay of natural Sea Shell (Abalone). Sea Shell is a natural material; therefore, some distinctions in the texture of the Sea Shell (Abalone) material may occur.
  • Distinctions and variations in texture of the natural materials are not defects, but rather natural attributes which add beauty and uniqueness to each of these handcrafted pens. The sea shell panels range from dark green to black, along with red or blue overtones. Please see all images and understand that colors of Sea Shell inlay may vary from pen to pen. There are no two pens alike.

Japanese Fountain Pens

The top feature of fountain pens from Japan is the nib.The quality is outstanding, typical of Japanese manufacturing standards. Japanese fountainpens also tend to have finer nibs, which they need to be because Japanese characters are often very intricate. Also check out the Sailor 1911 Standard Black GT 14K Gold Medium Point Fountain Pen

You won’t go wrong by choosing a luxury Japanese fountain pen.








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