Cleaning Your Fountain Pens

Tips For Cleaning Your Fountain Pen

If you write with a fountain pen either for personal reasons or for your profession, there are a number of tips that you can follow in order to make the absolute most of it. By giving yourself the opportunity to keep your pen in the best order, you will be able to make the most out of the way that your pen works. This will provide you the opportunity to learn how to clean your pen and maintain it throughout the years, regardless of how often you use it. Take advantage of these tips below, for the betterment of your pen.

The first thing that you should keep in mind about maintaining your pen is that it will best be served maintaining certain specific schedules. For instance, experts suggest getting your pen cleaned every 1 to 2 months. Doing this will allow you to keep your ink evenly distributed and will make sure that your pen is not clotting or providing other sorts of problems that will interrupt the writing process for you over the long haul.

When you are ready to clean your pen, make sure that you carefully take it apart, removing both the pen and the nib. Rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water that is clean and sterile. Never allow the temperatures of the water to get too hot or too cold, because this can easily provide damage to your fountain pen. Before cleaning your pen, make sure that you presoak it for about an hour. If your pen has not been cleaned in a long time, you might need to presoak it even longer.

Another way to deeply and thoroughly clean your pen is to use a syringe. This will allow you to drain all the ink and any other debris that may have accumulated inside of your fountain pen. However, if you want the absolute best cleaning for your fountain pen, you will need to take it to a shop that specializes in this. These providers will be able to either handle the pen cleaning for you, or will sell you a fountain pen cleaning kit that will allow you to do it yourself and on your own time. These sophisticated products will clean your pen much more thoroughly than water ever will. It will also disinfect them and allow them to continue writing for you at the high quality that you have come to expect from your fountain pens. Make sure that any company that you choose to do business with from a fountain pen cleaning standpoint has years in the industry helping both casual calligraphers and professionals. This way, you can gladly stand by the results.

With the tips above, you will have the opportunity of cleaning your fountain pen for the long term. You will have the opportunity to make sure it writes cleanly and evenly, with thick ink and even distribution as you write on any surface. Follow these points so that your pen is always well taken care of.